Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours are available on your steel doors?
All steel doors are available powder coated in White pre-finish as standard, plus six additional colours. Brochures and colour samples are available.

Can I paint my door?
Yes. The door manufacturer recommends preparing the surface lightly with 'wet and dry' paper. And then apply two coats of normal commercial paint for external use (cellulose paint must not be used).

What is headroom?
Headroom is the distance between the top of the door and the lowest point of the ceiling or any obstruction such as a garage door opener rail, pipes, or ductwork.

How much headroom do I need?
This depends on what type of gear your new door will have. We can advise you, or refer to the manufacturers literature.

Can my door be fitted to my existing timber frame?
Yes, but the manufacturers box section factory assembled steel frame is both zinc coated and paint powder coated, and will therefore not rot or twist.

To view the full range of garage doors available, please visit the Garador website

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